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          Where will the smart door lock go in the future? Where will the smart door lock go in the future?


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          With the rapid development of Internet of things, smart home products are more and more popular. In the new apartment building, the owners are discussing which smart door lock to replace. In the "double 11" of 2018, the demand for smart door locks has been growing explosively, and the industry of smart door locks, which has been waiting for the wind, has gradually stepped up.


          At present, there are about 1500 smart lock enterprises and more than 3500 brands in China. The explosive growth situation has attracted various manufacturers to take the lead.


          China's smart lock market has become more and more popular in the past two years. The earliest smart lock appeared as a component module of smart home, but before the smart home is really done, most of the pioneers have become martyrs. On the contrary, as the entry-level product of smart home and the core single product of home intelligent security, smart lock is becoming more and more prominent, becoming an independent emerging industry.


          According to the forecast data of the national lock industry information center, in 2016, the scale of the global smart lock industry was about 11 million sets, and China ranked first in the world with 3.5 million sets. However, China's market is the largest, but its penetration rate is not high relative to its volume. According to the 2017 white paper on China's smart lock application and development, the market penetration rate in China is only 2%. This means that the Chinese market has great potential to be tapped. It is estimated that by 2020, the overall scale will reach 32 million units, accounting for more than half of the global share.


          Therefore, there are many players on the smart lock track: not only the old enterprises from Europe, America and South Korea, but also the Internet companies, home appliance manufacturers, communication equipment manufacturers and start-up companies in China are running to compete for the market space of tens of billions every year, and the market is still advancing at the speed of at least doubling every year.


          Walking into many home furnishing and building materials cities, we can see a lot of on-site promotion brands, which are dazzling. In addition to the traditional lock enterprises and well-known home appliances and Internet enterprises, there are also some low-cost lock brands that are poorly made. Players from all walks of life are swarming in, the capital market is heating up rapidly, and the price trend is gradually falling. Sensitive people have realized that this is the old way of smart speakers.


          In fact, even the top selling enterprises on the double 11 of 2018 will not make much money in the end, because the cost of producing a qualified smart lock is not low, and the profit will be less and less after the price comes down. Industry insiders expect that after the first-line smart lock brands start to take the low price route, the industry is not far from the shuffling period. However, the shuffling period of the industry is not expected to be too long. In the next two to three years, several head players with stable market share will be born in the industry. At that time, the end players will also be largely eliminated.


          Although the intelligent door lock is standing at the air port, three points must be done to take off:


          At present, the most urgent thing is to govern the industry. First of all, cross-border Internet enterprises have their own brand effect, but they are relatively weak in product professionalism, but their purpose is to occupy the entrance, and they do not need to spend a lot of money on research and development. Therefore, they can choose to cooperate with the head enterprises that always focus on smart lock research, make full use of their own capital advantages, and do a good job in brand and channel. To be an OEM or ODM enterprise, to do its own job well is the greatest success. In short, it is to "perform their own duties" and give full play to their own advantages.


          Secondly, unlike other industries, smart door lock is a service-driven industry, and the most critical is after-sales service. For example, when there is a problem with the user's smart door lock, the tolerance for waiting is very low, and enterprises need to provide after-sales service immediately, unlike smart speakers or other products.


          Finally, as far as the security of smart locks is concerned, every time there is a crisis, it must affect the whole smart lock industry, not just one or two brands. For example, a certain smart lock is attacked by hackers after networking, which will cause consumers to question the security of all smart lock products. Therefore, when there is a crisis, it is very important to deal with the crisis public relations timely If necessary, there must be no lofty attitude.


          Conclusion: Although the concept of intelligent door lock has been put forward for a long time, the industry of intelligent door lock is just in its infancy. If you want to go out of your own way, you are bound to experience the painful period of industry reform. The greater significance of the entry smart door lock is to enable users to quickly improve their awareness of the smart door lock, and enable users to try new things at a lower cost. to

          Whether it can shake the industry, the final competition will also be the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises.

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